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"We are at a moment of truth.  We need to face up to the reality of where we are as a nation, and we need a mass movement of people to fight for change. I believe America is ready for a new path to the future. Make a contribution to our presidential campaign today. I can't wait to see what we will accomplish together."
Bernie Sanders

Docs to help the naysayers (thanks Wazenn Nithesh for putting these together):

Bernie's Plans and They Will Be Funded

Bernie Tax Plan Analysis-Gerald Freidman

Bernie Tax Plan Analysis-Gerald Freidman Economists and Financial Experts in Favor of Senator Sanders’Wall Street Reforms

Tampa Bay for Bernie's mission is to provide a framework of support for volunteers who are participating in a political revolution by electing Bernie Sanders to President of the United States, electing progressive candidates to the House and Senate, and building a coalition with all the issue based groups organizing under the planks of the progressive platform of Bernie Sanders.

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To join our team The way we can track our calls is to: 
1. Go to BerniePB.com

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3. It's best to use a  Chrome browser, but Firefox should work too.

4. Make sure to add the extension it asks you for (this allows the system to track your calls).

5.  IMPORTANT: You must email us JUST your username, so we can invite you to our Team.

6.  Then log into your BerniePB site.

7.  Accept our invite from your "notifs" tab on BerniePB.com

8. Click on the state you wish you call and you will recognize the rest of the process!
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There are more than two dozen Bernie Sanders related groups and organizations that have formed around the state of Florida.  For more information on all of these groups visit our FloridaForBernie.com website.  

Tampa Bay For Bernie is the West Coast of Florida's largest support and coordinating organization for the Bernie 2016 campaign.

Our group is totally independent of the official Bernie Sanders campaign.  WHY... because the official national Bernie Sanders Campaign is not planning on opening state offices at this time.  They are promoting us - the people, the supporters - to create grass root programs and campaigns.  We are doing this because we believe in Bernie Sanders and his goals for America.  Our efforts are to help provide a central hub of information and support for all of the independent Bernie Sanders groups that have been created throughout the Tampa Bay region.

Tampa Bay for Bernie in Action

Become a Bernie Sanders for President volunteer with our group (and have access to our "organizers only" support website). 
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Tampa Bay for Bernie Labor Day "Bernie SAND-ers" Sand Sculpture

Bernie Sanders America : Tampa Bay For Bernie Edition