Area Teams support volunteers in their area of influence, which can be a county (or partial county), a college campus or a portion of a community (such as cultural community) and currently include area shown below on the left. They manage Action Teams and host monthly meetings. The roles of the team can be shared, but the idea is to cover the functions shown below on the right.

Area Team general roles:

Area Coordinator
  • Works with entire area team to ensure efficient and effective grassroots operations
Area Events Coordinator
  • Assist in planning events
  • Ensures propagation of events onto Website/ Facebook
Area Volunteer Coordinator
  • Ensures operations of clipboarders, phone bankers, etc.
Area Fundraising Coordinator
  • Ensure proper operation of fundraising efforts at events
Area Liason
  • Reaches out to new groups to establish relationships

Areas identified (will continue to evolve).

Counties (as are volunteers grow, the counties will develop
into several areas):
College Campuses:
  • USF St. Pete
  • USF Tampa
  • SPC Clearwater
  • SPC Seminole
  • SPC St. Pete
Cultural Communities:
  • Latino
  • African American