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posted Sep 9, 2015, 7:41 PM by Tampa Bay for Bernie   [ updated Sep 24, 2015, 7:52 PM ]

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Hello Tampa Bay for Bernie Supporters,

We’re writing to say thank you for being active with Tampa Bay for Bernie, and to make sure you’ve seen the fantastic press and media coverage from our Bernie Birthday Bash this weekend!

As you’ve probably heard, or quite possibly witnessed firsthand, Tampa Bay For Bernie officially launched on Monday with a celebration on Treasure Island, complete with a massive Bernie sand-sculpture. It was a powerful day, and we're confident we’re laying the groundwork together for a movement that will propel Bernie into the general election and then the White House. Thanks so much for being active and helping us get this far!

 We've recently launched our website ( and Facebook page (Search for Tampa Bay For Bernie 2016)

If you haven’t seen, our story has already been picked up by national media outlets. The Huffington Post ran a short blurb on their story on the FRONT PAGE of their website! (Click here to see the Huffington Post Article). We’ve also compiled two YouTube videos that show the progression of the sculpture along with some great group shots of the crowds that built throughout the day: (Video #1 Bernie on The Beach – Video #2 – Bernie SAND-ers Sand Sculputure). One of these videos made it's way to MSNBC this morning: (MSNBC link - starts at 9:24 mark)  Take a look at them, they’re both powerful--and what’s even more powerful is the opportunity we have right now to expand our base and get more people involved in our movement!

Please take a few minutes when you can to share these with your social media networks so we can keep our momentum going! Including a link to will help steer folks who want to get involved in the right direction. For the social-media savvy, suggested hashtags are #TampaBayForBernie and #FeelTheBern.

Thanks so much for being active in changing our democracy for the better and taking our country back from the billionaire class. We hope to see you out at our next volunteer meeting to continue building the movement we need to bring about the political revolution Bernie is calling for!

Join in with us!

The Tampa Bay For Bernie Team!

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