Tampa Bay For Bernie is based on a bottom up model, in which our volunteers are supported by a framework in which to organize, coordinate and communicate from.  That framework is realized from our online tools, such as this website, as well as Area, Regional and, ultimately, the National Campaign.

By empowering and providing structure to our individual  and teams of volunteers
, who do the collective bulk of campaign work, we align our energy in a focused direction ensuring our work is highly productive and effective.

We have two types of teams:  Action Teams & Support Teams.

Action Teams are just what they sound like, teams of volunteers who are working to perform a specific targeted action.  These include:

  • Meetup Event Teams (entry point into the campaign)
  • Educational Event Teams
  • Phone Banking Teams
  • Clipboarding Teams
  • Tabling Teams
  • Door-to-door Teams
  • Third Party Voter Registration Teams
  • Special Teams

Support Teams domains are either Area or Regional. 

  • Area Teams directly support the Action Teams in their Area, which can be counties, campuses or communities.

  • The Regional Team supports the Area Teams across the Tampa Bay region.  This includes an Advisory Team and Administrative Team.