Members of the Regional Team are the point people for each Area Team to ensure all our areas are operating with support and consistency. They are supported by an Advisory Team, who discuss overall campaign functionality issues, and Administration Team, who provides constant core support to those functions.

Advisory Team:
  • Amos Miers
  • Andy Mauerman
  • Brian Remler
  • Rachel Gross
  • Mike Mattia
  • Winnie Foster
  • Tim Bednar
  • Jeff Etter
  • Sue Etter
  • Jeff Blake
  • Tyler Mitchell

Administration Team:
  • Amos Miers
  • Rachel Gross
  • Sue Etter
  • Jeff Etter

Regional Team:

Regional Coordinator - Amos Miers

Functional Efforts

Database Coordinator - Rachel Gross

Digital Events Coordinator - Tim Bednar

Website Coordinator - Sue & Jeff Etter

Social Media Facebook Coordinator - Jeff Etter

Social Media Reddit/ Twitter Coordinator - Brendan Conley

Communications Coordinator -

Graphics/ Materials Coordinator -

Volunteer Efforts

Meetup Coordinator - Brian Remler

Phone Banking Coordinator - Tyler Mitchell

Clipboarding Coordinator -

Canvassing Coordinator

Tabling Coordinator

Educational Events Coordinator -

Yard Sign Coordinator -

3rd Party Voter Coordinator - Brendan Conley

Speaker's Bureau Coordinator - Jeff Blake

Hispanic Community Outreach Coordinator

Black Community Outreach Coordinator - Winnie Foster & Jeff Roby