Team Leader Portal

Thank you for being a Tampa Bay For Bernie Team Leader!  

Here is what you will need to know and do.

First, please remember we are ALL volunteers working for a common cause.  And please keep in mind that          we are all trying to get this accomplished in between the daily demands of real life.  We should all try to be
as responsive as possible, and as polite as possible, even when things get a little stressful.  

Reach out for help when needed!  You'll find that there probably is someone as committed as you are that is willing to help you out in your area.  Thank you for volunteering your precious time.  

It’s not about how much money is collected – it’s ONLY about how many votes are collected!

You MUST have a Google Account.  If you already have one, make sure we have your Google email address.  All documents will be shared with you in your Google Drive.  Send us your Google Address so that we can grant you the permissions you need.  Send your information to:

If you are not familiar with Google or how to create a Google Account, these are the links you will need to get you started. 

Once you are set up with your Google account below is a list of the items you can work with as a Team Leader for your Area:

Area Google Calendar:  You can set up events or use the submit an event form and we will add it for you.

Area Group Sign-Up Sheets:  As your sign up sheet grows, emails and information to your area sheets for you to view.  New members can sign up from your area page.  The top link "Area Sign Up will be your way of collecting information. Please complete the online sheet that night (or as soon as possible). Names collected on clip boards need to be added - add them via your online form.  When all names are added send an email to so we can do our part.

Area Group Email:  Information will also be added to your Area Group Email so you will have an easy way to contact all the volunteers in your area.